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Our Program

At Tiny Teeth Early Education we believe in teaching children the importance of dental awareness through a positive, fun and interactive performance. This is designed for children in Childcare Services and Kindergarten through to Year 2.

During the show the children will meet two cheeky monkeys Albert and George and join them on their journey to learn all about their adventure to the dentist and how they can care for their teeth through brushing and healthy eating.

The children will engage in songs and dance about brushing their teeth, learn how to brush using teeth models and puppets, explore a dental examination through visuals, and dress up as dentists with masks to alleviate any fear of meeting a dentist.

We positively encourage children to learn about making healthy choices when eating and drinking and they will learn which foods  and drinks we can have “everyday” and then distinguish which foods we can have but only “sometimes”.

Our Aim

We aim to educate children to learn the importance of brushing and how to care for their teeth and smile.

We aim for the children to gain knowledge about healthy eating.

We aim for the children to learn about visiting a dentist and being relaxed within the environment.

QIAS Principles for Accreditation for Long Day Care Centres

As you are aware dental awareness, care and nutrition is required to be included in service programs in order to meet accreditation requirements. Upon completion of our visit, we will issue you a certificate you can display and use as evidence when meeting this quality area and the principals that we reflect on.

How Can Staff and Carers Support Children’s Dental Hygiene After Our Visit?

During our group time, we request staff are involved and join in with songs so they are able to repeat and revisit topics covered.

Ideas? Remind the children about good dental habits during meal time routines, encourage children to swish and swallow when drinking from their drink bottles, create a dentist area in dramatic play,  laminate some teeth pictures, draw on top and then brush away with tooth paste!

Cooking activities (discuss whether the ingredients are everyday or sometimes foods), group time discussions about health, nutrition and lifestyle. You may even try to make a tooth out of paper mache just like ours!


We would love to answer any of your questions about the Tiny Teeth Early Education program!

For Bookings please call Kate Carpenter on: 0401 076 792